A Few Post-Election Thoughts (Gag)

I know everyone is sick of these posts, but I have to say my piece, and be done with it. I'm going to go ahead and talk about my feelings after the election, so if you're at the point where anything containing the words "election" … Continue reading A Few Post-Election Thoughts (Gag)

Life Lessons 1-10

I was at a doctor’s appointment the other day, and I filled out all the forms, writing my age as “31.” Then a few hours later, I said, “Wait a minute,” remembered the year of my birth, did some counting on my fingers, and realized … Continue reading Life Lessons 1-10

A Response to the Ten Non-Commandments of Atheism

In my last post, I introduced this response to the 10 non-commandments of Atheism that some dudes compiled. I don’t believe these dudes or this list is representative of all atheists any more than I believe the Tea Party is representative of all Christians. But, … Continue reading A Response to the Ten Non-Commandments of Atheism